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KeepVid YouTube Video Downloader online works on a wide range of platform and supports 1000+ sites

Download Videos from 1000+ Sites

Wanna download videos from a wide range of websites instead of being limited to just two or three websites? YouTube, Ted, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, some downloaders may only support some of them, while this YouTube to MP3 Converter supports them all. Download videos from YouTube with KeepVid and from up to 1000+ websites, meeting almost all your needs.

Download Videos with One-Click

Many do not have all the time to watch a video and whenever they have time the internet is perhaps not available or not that good. That's why you should download videos offline so that you can watch them anytime without buffering. We really recommend this YouTube video dwonlaoder for you to download videos offline with only one-click.

YouTube video downloader for Android and more devices

KeepVid YouTube Video Downloader for PC supports a wide range of platforms including Android, Mac, iOS, Win, and more. Therefore, you can use any browser and device to visit KeepVid without worrying about the compatibility issue. On top of that, unlike many other YouTube video downloaders, KeepVid remains the original cover, title, and duration when they download videos off YouTube so that users could find and organize downloaded files more easily and pleasantly.

Download Videos in few Seconds

When you look for an YouTube to MP4 Converter to download videos from YouTube, what matters most to you? Maybe a simple-to-use tool is far from meeting your expectations. We believe that high speed would probably be a big plus for user experience. Therefore, we spend much time improving our download speed to provide a better user experience.

YouTube Video Downloader 1080P

When you download any YouTube video through this online YouTube video downloader 1080p, you are always allowed to select the highest possible quality for download. For those UHD and HD videos, we also support you to download them with the same quality. However, some laptop screens do not support 4k videos. In this case, downloading a 4k video is relatively pointless. This YouTube Video Downloader online provides a list of options about video quality for you and we hope you could find the most proper one.

Download to Audio/Video format


KeepVid supports audio and video which are supposed to be the most frequently used formats for audios and videos. In this way, you can download both of your favorite videos and music and easily play them on your device. When you download any YouTube video through best YouTube Video Downloader online, we always offer you a list of quality so that you can choose the one you need.

Download Keepvid YouTube videos from cross-platform
Do you want to download your favorite YouTube videos to your PC, phone, tablet, or any other devices? You can use our free YouTube video downloader on any operating system and any browser. Whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, iPhone, you can download Keepvid YouTube videos for offline viewing pleasure as long as you have access to a web browser on any device.




Q:Where is the download file saved?

A:Some may find it difficult to locate the files they've saved. In this situation, normally, move to the menu bar and choose the download option to find your saved files. Given that is compatible with many web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and so on, the way to find your downloaded files is probably a little bit different.

Q:What is the maximum download file size?

A:This online YouTube video downloader for pc puts no limit on the file size when you download videos off YouTube in order to provide the best service for you. However, you should be aware that a large file may take you much time to download, especially when the internet is not quite good. If you really want to do that, maybe much patience is needed.

Q:Unable to download the video properly with this best YouTube Video Downloader Online?

A:If you are unable to directly download the video after clicking the download icon when you download keepvid YouTube videos, there are two solutions for you. First, you may find that a new pop-up window appears after clicking the download icon. Just right-click anywhere within the area of video playback and choose Save Video As or click the icon “┇” in the bottom right of the video playback interface then click Download. Second, you may find a block icon before the URL after clicking the download icon. Please choose Allow to unblock the web page. Then there may be a new pop-up window and please repeat the operations given in the first solution to finish your download.

Q:How many files can I download at the same time?

A:We know that some of you may want to download any YouTube video at a time, but sorry to say that we only support you to download one video each time as online YouTube video downloader chrome. If you really want to do that, you have to open a couple of our pages simultaneously to meet your demand. It is worth mentioning that we will launch new products to meet this kind of needs in the near future.

Q:Unable to play the download file when I use online YouTube Video Downloader for pc?

A:Since supports you to download videos to audio and video, if you use an all-purpose player in your computer or the default player in your system, you surely do not need to worry about this problem. If you still cannot play the saved files, you’d better go to check your player and the file format. Maybe something wrong goes with them. Try this YouTube video downloader chrome.

Q:When I download YouTube videos to audio, do they lose any sound quality? empowers users to settle how to download videos off YouTube without any quality damage, especially when you need an audio version from a video, the sound quality is nearly the same as the original one. So you can fully enjoy the downloaded MP3 file without worrying about the sound quality damage.

Q: Can you download YouTube files with copyright protection?
No, you can not. There's usually some form of copyright protection for videos on the YouTube. These copyrights protect the rights of the originator or record label. The YouTube video downloader for android depends on the content and what you end up doing with it. You can download video without copyright protection for personal use. When you download YouTube videos with our Keepvid YouTube videos tool, please make sure videos are not protected by copyright.



Nowadays, watching videos is quite simple, but sometimes, it may not that simple. When you stay in a place where a network is not available or not stable, and you are quite eager to watch a video either for relaxation or for learning, what would you do in this case? A wise man would download the video beforehand in case this situation happens. Now, best YouTube video downloader for android is ready for you to download YouTube video to video and audio. Your best bet for downloading videos without ads or restrictions is using on your computer, mobile phone, and even tablet. The whole downloading things can be finished on the website, so do not worry about any extension or plug-in here. Best YouTube Video Downloader online is also a tool to download videos.

We have a technical team of more than 100 experts dedicated to providing the best customer service and user experience. For those who often download videos from various websites, we hope, a gorgeous free YouTube video downloader 1080p, could be your best partner. By the way, KeepVid is always on the way to making progress and we sincerely invite each of you to give it a try.