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Online Free Facebook To MP4 converter to download Facebook video
How to download videos from Facebook?
Copy URL
Open the Facebook app or website, and click “Share” to copy the video link.
Paste URL
Paste the copied URL in the search box and click “Start” to analyze the link.
Start Conversion
Choose the desired output format to start the conversion process.
Why choose KeepVid Facebook to MP4 to download Facebook videos?
Download at no cost
Keepvid, a top-rated online video downloader, enables you to effortlessly download videos from well-known platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook, all completely free of charge.
Security and privacy
You can trust this service to use it without worrying about virus infections or threats to your security and privacy. This dependable platform lets you enjoy your favorite content without jeopardizing your device’s safety.
Fast Online Conversion
Facebook to MP4 is a fantastic tool that enables limitless video downloads from Facebook without any constraints. KeepVID helps in effortlessly and effectively building an extensive video library, free from worries about download quotas or limitations.
Unlimited Download Expansion
The KeepVid download facebook video converter employs cutting-edge technology for quick and effective online conversions, allows users to effortlessly download videos from Facebook, guaranteeing high-quality outcomes with minimal input.
About us - KeepVid Facebook to MP4
KeepVid Facebook Video Downloader is an online tool that enables users to download and convert Facebook videos into MP4 format. This allows for easy saving of favorite Facebook videos on devices for offline viewing.

Some benefits of using KeepVid Facebook to MP4 Converter are its free cost and lack of software installation requirements. Moreover, the tool offers quick downloads of high-quality videos, making it a practical and efficient option for users interested in saving Facebook videos for offline enjoyment.

In summary, KeepVid Facebook to MP4 converter is a dependable and effective solution for downloading Facebook videos in MP4 format. While users should be mindful of copyright laws and potential restrictions, this tool offers a convenient means for saving favorite Facebook videos on devices for offline viewing.
FAQs about KeepVid Facebook Video Downloader
1.Is it legal to save videos from Facebook to MP4 files?
For personal use, it is legal to save videos from Facebook to MP4 files.But it is illegal to distribute or share copyrighted content without the owner's permission.
2.Is KeepVid Facebook MP4 downloader free to use?
Yes, KeepVid Facebook to MP4 converter is completely free to use.
3.Can I use Facebook video download on my mobile device?
Naturally, KeepVid's Facebook video download tool can be accessed via mobile browsers, and some provide mobile apps for simpler access.
4.Is there a limit to the number of favourite Facebook videos I can download form Facebook?
Most Facebook to MP4 converters do not limit the number of videos that can be converted. However, KeepVid allows for unlimited Facebook video conversions.
5.Is KeepVid Facebook to MP4 a safe tool?
Yes, KeepVid Facebook to MP4 is a safe and secure tool that is free of viruses, malware, or spyware, ensuring your computer remains unharmed while downloading Facebook videos.
6.Can Facebook videos be downloaded directly in MP4 format without conversion?
Yes, KeepVid Facebook download tools enable users to download videos directly in MP4 format without conversion from Facebook. However, some videos may not be downloadable due to copyright restrictions.
7.Can I convert Facebook downloaded videos to other formats besides MP4 by KeepVid?
KeepVid Facebook to MP4 downloader can supports converting videos from Facebook to only MP4 now. Moreover, KeepVid will offer other options in the near future.
8.Does KeepVid Facebook video download site support multiplatforms?
Yes, KeepVid Facebook to MP4 is accessible for mobile browsers, Windows, Mac operating systems, and smartphones in English.
9.Does KeepVid Facebook to MP4 offer lossless conversion in English?
Yes, KeepVid Facebook video downloader employs a lossless conversion method, guaranteeing that the converted files maintain the same quality as the original Facebook video with no data or information loss.
10.Is it possible to convert multiple Facebook videos into MP4 format simultaneously?
KeepVid Facebook to MP4 converters offer batch conversion, allowing users to convert a number of Facebook videos into MP4 files at the same time.