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U-Next Recording Software Recommendation Ranking

By OkawaReiko

U-NEXT is one of the most popular video streaming services in Japan. To enjoy its wide variety of drama content, take full advantage of U-NEXT's recording function!

How to record the latest dramas on U-NEXT

U-NEXT is a popular video streaming service in Japan, and its recording function is very convenient. If you want to record the latest drama and watch it later, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the U-NEXT application

First, download the app from the official U-NEXT website. Select the appropriate version for your device, such as smartphone, tablet, or computer. After installation is complete, create an account or login to your existing account.

Step 2: Search for dramas

U-NEXT offers a wide range of drama genres. Enter the title of the latest drama you wish to record into the search bar. Alternatively, you can choose a popular drama listed in the Top 10 list.

Step 3: Select Recording Options

Once you are on the drama detail page, you will see the recording options. Select the episodes or range of episodes you wish to record. You can also set the recording quality and save location to adjust to your liking.

Step 4: Start Recording

Once you have completed your settings, you can start recording! Simply click the "Start Recording" button at the bottom of the screen to begin recording your drama. While the recording is in progress, you can do anything else you wish.

Step 5: Watch the recorded drama

Once the recording is complete, select "Recorded Contents" from the menu. The latest dramas you have recorded are listed here. Select your favorite drama to watch. Internet connection is required for playback.


With U-NEXT's recording function, there is no need to worry about missing the latest dramas. Follow the instructions to record dramas and enjoy them at your own pace, and U-NEXT's convenient recording function is a powerful tool to ensure that you never miss any content in your busy daily life. Please give it a try!

How to choose U-Next recording software that can save videos

When choosing recording software that can save your videos, there are several important factors to consider. Choosing a good recording software will ensure high-quality video preservation and a stress-free recording experience. Below are some recommendations on how to choose the best choice.

1. recording quality and resolution

Quality and resolution are very important when saving videos. Good recording software will provide high quality and clear video. Resolution has a significant impact on the video's appeal and viewing experience, so care should be taken when choosing one. Modern recording software often supports 4K resolution, which allows for clearer video to be saved.

2. user-friendly interface

An easy-to-use interface is an important factor in choosing recording software. Recording software with intuitive operation and easy settings is user-friendly. Timer functions and the ability to schedule recordings are also useful features and important for a pleasant recording experience.

3. versatility and compatibility

When choosing recording software, consider the features you need and compatibility. Some recording software supports multiple media formats, allowing you to save videos in a wide range of formats. In addition, a variety of features exist, such as video editing and saving to Blu-ray disc. Choosing the recording software with the features that best suit your needs will give you a more flexible recording experience.

4. support and updates

Stable operation and frequent updates are important factors in choosing recording software. Choosing recording software with a reliable developer and support team will ensure that you receive prompt and effective support when problems arise. Also, software updates may add new features, so check the frequency of recording software updates and the developer's reputation.


When choosing recording software to save videos, it is important to consider aspects of quality, resolution, user-friendly interface, versatility, compatibility, and support and updates. Choosing a recording software that balances these factors will ensure a stress-free recording experience and high-quality video preservation. Please choose the recording software that best suits your needs and enjoy a comfortable recording experience.

Top 10 U-NEXT Recording Software Recommendations

When recording U-Next TV programs, it is important to choose the right recording software to achieve high quality video. Modern televisions offer excellent picture quality and clarity, so you want to use recording software that matches the quality of the picture. Below are the TOP 10 software recommendations to achieve high quality U-NEXT recording.

The recommended ranking of U-NEXT recording software is based on a comprehensive evaluation of its functions, ease of use, and quality of recorded video. You can choose the best recording software by referring to the ranking results tailored to your individual needs.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 1: StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader

If you use StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader to download U-NEXT to your PC, the quality is better than recording U-Next videos.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 1: StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader-1

StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader is the best U-Next downloader to save U-NEXT dramas, anime, variety shows, and other videos in the best quality, up to 1080p quality, and MP4/MKV with AAC 2.0 audio track file format and no viewing time limit. This allows you to enjoy videos offline wherever and whenever you want.

Its design is intuitive and easy to understand, making it easy to use even for first-time users. Although it is a paid software, StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader offers a 30-day free trial.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 2: VidCap

VidCap is an excellent software designed for high quality recording. This software allows you to record TV shows and movies in high quality; VidCap uses proprietary video compression technology to minimize file size while maintaining the highest quality video.

VidCap also offers an easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for both novice and advanced users. A number of advanced options are also available, allowing users to customize recording settings, editing, and many other features.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 3: Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a software that is highly compatible with a wide variety of devices. You can watch recorded programs on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. A software is also easy to use and intuitive, and is recommended for beginners. It also has a high quality recording function, so you can enjoy your favorite programs with clear images.

In addition to recording the computer screen, it is also possible to take pictures with a webcam. You can also record external microphones and internal audio without any special settings, and it has many useful screen drawing tools. Text and number indexing, spotlights, magnifiers, whiteboards, line and circle drawing, and more are at your disposal. In addition, you can draw on the screen in real time while recording. For a variety of uses, the software also includes the ability to schedule and record live game play, online meetings, and live-streaming videos.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 4: FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader

FlixPal Downloader is a download tool specialized for saving U-NEXT digital content, including H-NEXT.


  • Supports 1080p
  • Adaptable to Japanese language
  • Downloadable in MP4 format
  • Multiple videos can be downloaded at once
  • Superior technology for extremely fast downloads

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 5: CleverGet U-NEXT Download

CleverGet U-NEXT Download, with its distinctive features, is a convenient software that allows you to download in high quality up to 1080p and save in MP4 or MKV format. Another feature is that metadata can also be downloaded together.

The advantages of this software are as follows

  • Supports Japanese language
  • Can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms
  • Easy to operate due to the built-in browser in the software
  • Download U-NEXT videos at high speed

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 6: iTOP Screen Recorder

iTOP Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool available on the web. This tool is completely free to use and does not require installation, so it does not overwhelm your computer's memory. In addition, this tool has excellent features. For example, it automatically recognizes the area to be recorded and can keep following the window so that it does not show up while you are doing other tasks.

To use iTOP Screen Recorder, download the tool by pressing the record button on your browser, and then press the record button on your browser again to record a U-NEXT movie. However, since this tool is free, it can only be used twice a day and is not suitable for recording for long periods of time. However, it does not charge any fees, and the ease with which you can simply open the site and start recording is very attractive.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 7: Amarecoco

Amarecoco has a very easy-to-use interface, which is its most notable feature. Although it cannot do much due to its limited functionality and restricted output formats, it is therefore a very simple and easy to understand software with a certain beauty.

It is gaining popularity for its easy use and high quality recording capabilities. Not only can you easily record TV programs on your smartphone or computer, but you can also save and play them back seamlessly. In addition, U-NEXT's extensive content library is also an attractive feature.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 8: VideoProc Converter

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 8: VideoProc Converter-1

VideoProc Converter is a multifunctional video processing software that offers screen recording, video editing, video conversion, and downloading. The main feature of this software is its ability to record both the desktop screen and the webcam at the same time, making it resistant to problems of sound lag and dropped frames, and allowing smooth recording even of long videos.

The advantages of this software include its many functions, which allow you to complete everything from recording to editing and exporting in one stop, and its ability to freely set the recording area, making it possible to use it to record while doing other tasks. However, the frame rate is fixed at 30 fps, so it is not possible to record more detailed movements. In addition, a watermark is displayed in the trial version.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 9: OBS Studio

OBS Studio is essentially free software for live streaming. However, it also has recording capabilities, is free, and supports webcams, making it a highly regarded recording software.

Its greatest feature is that it checks the specifications of your computer at startup and automatically configures itself accordingly. Using OBS, live streaming and screen recording can be performed simultaneously, making it suitable for those who plan to live stream.

In addition, OBS Studio is free of charge and has no restrictions on the environment, as it has no functional limitations and is compatible with Windows and Mac as well as Linux. However, there are scattered reports from some users that they are unable to record due to sound out-of-sync or sudden freezes. In addition, there are cases where the screen turns white, black, or red. It is also a little disappointing that the screenshot function is not supported.

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 10: RecordCast

Recommended U-Next Recording Software 10: RecordCast-1

Lastly, we recommend a tool that is not well known to the public, but can record standard U-Next. This tool has a full range of features and allows you to add edits after the screen recording. This makes it ideal if you want to record only your favorite scenes, or if you want to collect only scenes featuring your favorite characters. Furthermore, if you want to watch U-NEXT offline, the "Record Free Now" tool is also sufficient.

The advantage of this tool is that it is free of charge, and users who have actually used it have commented that they are glad that even beginners can use it easily. The author himself used the tool for the first time and found it attractive in that there was no need to install software. It took only a few clicks to operate, and I found it easier than I had imagined. However, the disadvantage is that it costs $3.99 to record more than 5 minutes, and even with a paid plan you can only record up to 30 minutes.

Troubleshooting U-Next Recording

Here are some tips for troubleshooting problems and issues that may arise when using the recording feature. Try these tips and workarounds to make your recording experience even more pleasant.

If Recording Does Not Start Properly

If recording does not start as expected, try the following steps

  • Check your Internet connection. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and that your Internet connection is stable.
  • Try restarting the U-NEXT application or website. Recording may not start properly due to a temporary problem.
  • Check if the drama or video to be recorded is available. Recording may be restricted for some content.

If the recorded video cannot be played

If you experience problems when trying to play back a recorded video, try the following steps.

  • First,
  • check your Internet connection.
  • Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and that your Internet connection is stable.
  • Check the settings of the device and browser used for playback. Make sure they are updated to the latest version and that the necessary plug-ins and codecs are installed.
  • If you continue to have problems with playback, please contact U-NEXT's support team. Professional support is available and they will be able to provide you with information and instructions to help you resolve the issue.

How to Improve Recording Quality

Make sure your Internet connection is stable when you want higher quality recordings. Bandwidth and line congestion can affect recording quality. Try adjusting the recording resolution or bit rate. Higher resolution and bitrate settings may result in higher quality recordings, but may also result in larger file sizes: Amarecoco

Improved recording quality can greatly enhance the viewing experience, and here are some ways to make the most of U-NEXT's recording features to record clearer, crisper video.

1. ensure a stable Internet connection

If your Internet connection is unstable during recording, the video may be choppy or the quality of the image may be distorted. To improve recording quality, ensure as stable an Internet connection as possible. If you are experiencing performance issues, we recommend rebooting your router or contacting your provider.

2. optimize recording settings

Optimizing U-NEXT's recording settings will allow you to record clearer video. By setting the recording resolution to the highest setting or selecting the picture quality priority setting, you can record clear, high-quality video. Audio quality is also an important factor, so check the audio settings as well.

To achieve high quality recordings, it is important to pay attention to the following points

  • Resolution: The resolution setting for recording has a significant impact on image quality. Selecting a higher resolution will allow you to record clearer and more detailed video.
  • Bit Rate: Bit rate is a measure of video compression. Selecting a lower bit rate may cause video to appear with blocky noise and choppiness. Selecting a higher bit rate will improve the quality of the video.
  • Encoding Format: Selecting the appropriate encoding format is also important. In general, selecting a highly efficient encoding format such as H.264 or HEVC (H.265) will result in high quality recordings.

By keeping the above points in mind and selecting the appropriate recording software, you will be able to achieve high-quality recordings. We encourage you to choose the software that best suits your needs and environment to enjoy a comfortable recording experience. 3.

3. optimize your recording environment

The recording environment is also important to improve recording quality. Adjust the lighting and background of the recording location to ensure that the video is as bright and clear as possible. It is also important to adjust the position of the camera and microphone. By creating an optimal recording environment, you will be able to record higher quality video. 4.

4. post-recording editing and encoding

After recording is complete, video quality can be further improved by editing and encoding the video. Use editing software to remove unwanted portions and noise to give the video a clean look. You can also optimize the size of your video files by selecting the appropriate encoding settings, saving storage while maintaining quality.

These are just a few ways to improve recording quality. Put these tips into practice to enjoy higher quality recordings, and take full advantage of U-NEXT's recording features to enjoy your unmissable dramas and entertainment in crystal clear video.

Use these troubleshooting tips to get the most out of U-NEXT's recording feature. If you are still having problems or need more detailed assistance, you can always contact U-NEXT's official support team.

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