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Step 1:Copy the video address of your target video.

Step 2:Paste the video address into the top text box.

Step 3:Click Download Now to start the MP3/MP4 download.


Download Videos from 1000+ Sites with YouTube2mp3

It is generally known that videos on most video sharing websites are not available to download mainly for their own interests, especially on those social network platforms. However, we noticed that a large number of people need YouTube Converter MP3, either for learning purposes or for offline appreciation. This YouTube MP3 Downloader is totally designed for people who have such a need and download YouTube MP3 from as many as 1000+ websites.

Download Videos with One-Click

You do not need a setup file or download an extension in your browser to save videos if you use Keepvid.  Just click the video's address in the bar at the top of your browser's window, then press Ctrl+A (Windows) or ⌘ Command+A (Mac) to fully select it and press Ctrl+C or ⌘ Command+C to copy it. Paste it in the text box above and hit the download button. This YouTube to MP3 shark will detect and display all possible downloads for you after a few seconds.

Online YouTube Downloader website VS YouTube MP3 Downloader Desktop software

Online Web-based Downloader: The online web-based downloader allows us to access it on demand using a web browser. It always requires an internet connection. Besides, you can use an online database instead of your computer's hard drive to store files. All documents and forms that you create using online storage.

Pros:                                                         Cons:
No need to install                                        Slower performance
No upgrades needed                                    Internet dependency
Easy access and use

Desktop Software Downloader: The desktop software must be downloaded and installed on the computer before it can run. It means that the desktop software runs on a computer device locally. There is no need for an internet connection if you need to work on a desktop application.

Pros:                                                         Cons:
No reliance on the Internet                           Installation is necessary
Better performance                                      Manually updated every time
Higher security and privacy                         

By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of online website Downloader and Desktop software Downloader, you can decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Download youtube2mp3 on more platforms

KeepVid supports a wide range of platform and you can download YouTube MP3 on almost any system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. Some creators make their videos available for download purposely, especially they are fair use. But most of them don’t. Therefore, we provide this method for you to download these videos only for personal use. You should ensure that you save these videos just for watching later on. Besides, this Online Video Downloader also makes it possible for you to download YouTube MP3 with cover, title, and duration information.

Download YouTube to MP3 in a Few Seconds

Sometimes you watch a video online and have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes to watch a 5-minute video just because of the unskippable ads. They even have ads between videos at times, let alone the constant buffering. In this case, you're suggested to spend just a few seconds to download these videos through this MP3 YouTube Downloader and watch later without any buffering or ad. A quite wise decision, right?

Download Videos with 4K Video Downloader

The video quality is probably your first concern when you download videos online. How could one get fully immersed in a video when it is in a low resolution? We absolutely consider your concern. Therefore, you can download videos in HD and UHD resolution through this YouTube to MP4 online and fully enjoy your saved videos. Besides, we also offer you a list of other resolutions.

Download YouTube to MP3/MP4

Since MP3 and MP4 are supposed to be the most frequently used and compatible formats when it comes to audios and videos, this YouTube to MP3 online tool mainly supports users to download files in MP3 and MP4 format to your device. In this way, you can save your files in video or audio as you like, and do not worry that the saved files cannot be played on your device.

No Account Required to download YouTube MP3 
Our best YouTube to MP3 converter does not require an account to convert youtube videos to MP3 format, everything is simple, with no headaches. This free YouTube MP3 downloader protects your privacy when you save YouTube to MP3 320kbps.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?
The terms of use of YouTube forbid the capturing of steams. YouTube’s terms of service forbid the capturing of streams. It means that converting or downloading video, or even recording video through screenshots, violates YouTube's rules. But that doesn't necessarily mean downloading videos is illegal. Downloading sites violate YouTube's terms of service, but YouTube generally does not sue sites that provide such services.

There is usually some form of copyright protection for videos on the internet, and these copyrights protect the rights of creators or companies. So, you can’t download YouTube videos with copyright. But it is legal to download your own content, download public domain content, download video with download' buttons. Besides, as a general rule, if you decide to download music videos, only use the content for personal use.


Q:Where is the download file saved when I use youtube2mp3?

A:KeepVid is compatible with a variety of web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, and the layout of web pages varies from browser to browser. In most cases, however, you may find the finished files through clicking Download in the drop-down menu.

Q:What is the maximum download file size?

A:The file size is not a problem when you extract MP3 on YouTube to your device. And you should be aware that it is very likely to take you much time to download a larger file, especially when your internet situation is not that good. But in this situation, saving it to your device is surely better than watching online because of constant buffering.

Q:Unable to download the video properly?

A:When you use this youtube2mp3 software, it may happen especially on browsers other than Chrome. To solve this issue, you can allow this web to open all the time and go to a new pop-up window (after clicking the download button and choosing a quality) to continue your download by right-clicking and choosing save as.

Q:How many files can I download at the same time?

A:Sorry to say that you are not allowed to download many videos at the same time through this YouTube to MP3 software. We do not support a playlist download here. But this downloader is a totally free website that does not require any additional software or user registration. It is totally secure, free, and safe to use.

Q:Unable to play the download file with youtube2mp3?

A:When you download YouTube to MP3 high quality through this YouTube MP3 Downloader, we offer you a list of formats and resolutions. You can choose whichever you like. The formats we provide here include MP3, MP4, and video only. In this way, we believe you can play almost all saved files in your device without any problem.

Q:When I convert YouTube to MP3, do they lose any sound quality?


For people who want to convert videos to MP3, KeepVid totally fits the bill. On top of that, this YouTube MP3 Downloader also tries its best to lower the sound quality loss during the download process. In this way, you can enjoy the saved audio nearly the same as the original one. The best video converter available for free is right here.


There are a lot of methods available when you search on the internet about video downloader. You may find it hard to pick out an appropriate one since the rank is not always reliable. Some require you to enter a verification code again and again. Some require you to install an extension first while they claim to be a web tool without extension. This YouTube to MP3 unblocked is absolutely not one of them and fulfills your requirement for MP3 juice download. Besides, this YouTube Video Downloader also supports you to convert a video into MP3 format when you download videos here. Your search for a suitable video downloader probably ends at KeepVid. Just give it a try now. The best YouTube to MP3 converter ever.

This website is supported by several technical experts. The YouTube MP3 Converter is a totally online product by which you can easily download the video directly into your gallery or the download folder, in whichever format and quality you want. This YouTube to MP3 Downloader makes every effort to help you save videos to your device.