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Step 1:Copy the video address of your target video.

Step 2:Paste the video address into the top text box.

Step 3:Click Download Now to start the MP3/MP4 download.


Download Videos from 1000+ Sites

Wanna download videos from a wide range of websites instead of being limited to just two or three websites? KeepVid works well as Facebook Video Downloader, Instagram Video Downloader, Twitter Video Downloader, and more. This online video Downloader even supports users to download Dailymotion videos and videos from up to 1000+ websites, meeting almost all your needs.

Download Videos with One-Click

You do not need a setup file or download an extension in your browser to save videos if you use this YouTube Video Downloader. Just click the video's address in the bar at the top of your browser's window, then press Ctrl+A (Windows) or ⌘ Command+A (Mac) to fully select it and press Ctrl+C or ⌘ Command+C to copy it. Paste it in the text box above and hit the download button. This tool will detect and display all possible downloads for you after a few seconds.

Download Videos with video downloader chrome

KeepVid online video downloader works well on many platforms and browsers including Android, Mac, Win, iOS, and more. This chrome video downloader provides a method to download any video online but only for fair use. You are obviously not allowed to download these videos to make money off.

Download Videos in few Seconds

This flash video downloader strives to make it faster beyond your expectations. Compared to others, KeepVid absolutely performs better in download speed. The whole process only takes you a few seconds. As one of the most powerful and popular free tools for video downloads, we always make our efforts to serve you better.

Download Videos with 4K Video Downloader

Considering various demands, this online Video Downloader offers you a range of options of video quality, including 2160p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, and so on. But we have to say that sometimes you cannot choose 1080p because the original video quality does not support. We promise it is always possible for you to choose a video quality just the same as the original one.

Download Online Videos to MP3/MP4

Sometimes when you come across a sweet song on a video sharing website and wish to download it to your device, you may need this Free Video Downloader to help you extract the audio from the video and save it to your device. More importantly, this Twitch video downloader can minimize the sound quality damage when you convert videos to MP3 through this online service so that you can enjoy the saved music better.


Q:Where is the download file saved?

A:Some may find it difficult to locate the files they save. In this situation, normally, you may look for the menu bar and choose the download option to find your saved files. Given that this solution to how to download any video online is compatible with many web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, and so on, the way to find your downloaded files is probably a little bit different.

Q:What is the maximum download file size?

A:The file size is not a problem when you answer how to download any video online to download videos to your device. And you should be aware that it is very likely to take you much time to download a larger file, especially when your internet situation is not that good. But in this situation, saving it to your device is surely better than watching online because of constant buffering.

Q:Unable to download the video properly with this online video downloader?

A:When you use this best online Video Downloader, that’s something normal to happen, especially on browsers other than Chrome. To solve this issue, you can allow this web to open all the time and go to a new pop-up window (after clicking the download button and choosing a quality) to continue your download by right-clicking and choosing save as.

Q:How many files can I download at the same time?

A:This best online Video Downloader allows users to download limitless videos but only one video each time. If you really want to download more than one video simultaneously, you may choose to open several of our web pages for video downloads.

Q:Unable to play the download file?

A:When we talk about the most common video and audio formats, MP3 and MP4 are very likely to be the first two words that come to your mind. In this case, this online Video Downloader offers these two formats for you to choose from. We believe saved files in these two formats can be successfully played on most of your devices. If you need more formats, please feel free to tell us. We are always striving to meet your demands.

Q:When I convert YouTube videos to MP3, do they lose any sound quality?

A:We are all the time attempting to maximally remain the original sound quality as you use online Video Downloader for video or audio download and doing our utmost to avoid sound quality damage during the download process, which is highly based on our tremendous data processing power. Hopefully. you could fully enjoy the download service here.


Some of you may have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to wait for constant buffering and ads, which are quite inevitable when you watch videos online. In this case, to download the video you come across on a video sharing website is perhaps a good choice. However, it is widely known that most of the content on video sharing websites are uploaded by individuals. In this regard, we hope you could respect their copyright when you use this 4k video downloader. Please keep in mind that you are absolutely not allowed to download those copyright-protected videos for commercial use. If you just download those videos for your own offline watching, we totally stand for it.

Our team has more than 100 technical experts, all of whom are very professional and committed to providing the best service to users. When you intend to solve how to download online videos, we strive to provide you the fastest download speed and the most intuitive operation for YouTube to MP4. Everything we do is to serve you better.