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Download Videos from 1000+ Sites

KeepVid is a quite concise and intuitive program without any superfluous functions except downloading audios and videos. You are allowed to download videos from up to 1000 websites including a range of hot video sharing websites and social media platforms and do not have to pay a single penny. The service we provide here is totally free and reliable.

Download Videos with One-Click

How to download Instagram videos? KeepVid helps to download videos or music quickly and totally free of charge. You do not need to install any software on your device or any extension in your browser that works for downloading online videos anymore. This wonderful online service helps you to download video clips. TV shows, documentary films from a lot of websites, by just entering a URL and clicking download. One-click is enough to save a video from online to offline.

Download Videos with More Information

KeepVid, as the best online video downloader, allows you to save a video with its cover, title, duration and other information. In this way, you would save a lot of time and energy when you attempt to organize and group your download files later. Imagine all of your downloaded files have messy codes in their names. A total disaster! No worries about this when you go with KeepVid.

Download Videos in few Seconds

When you look for an online video downloader to settle how to download videos off Instagram, what matters most to you? Maybe a simple-to-use tool is far from meeting your expectations. We believe that high speed would probably be a big plus for user experience. Therefore, KeepVid spends much time improving our download speed to provide a better user experience.

Download Videos with 4K UHD Resolution

When you download videos off Instagram through this tool, you are always allowed to select the highest possible quality that the video you wish to download supports. For those UHD and HD videos, we also support you to download them with the same quality. However, some laptop screens do not support 4k videos. In this case, downloading a 4k video is relatively pointless. This Video Downloader provides a list of options about video quality for you and we hope you could find the most proper one.

Download Files to MP3/MP4

If you want to save an interesting movie from websites for offline watching, this downloader provides many quality options for you to choose from. If you wish to download a hot music video only with the music, this online service can also help you extract the audio and save it for you with minimal sound quality loss. In a word, if you want to download videos off Instagram, KeepVid should be your first choice; if you want to download YouTube to MP3, KeepVid is also your pick.


Q:Where is the download file saved?

A:Your download folder is set as the default storage location for the saved files so that you can find them easily. You can always find the saved files there when you use KeepVid to download videos. By the way, you are also allowed to change the default location through the settings of your browser.

Q:What is the maximum download file size for KeepVid Instagram Video Downloader?

A:There is no limit to the file size. You can enter the URL of any video in any size and KeepVid searches for all the available downloads and displays it to you. After clicking a quality, your file will be saved to your device a matter of seconds later. KeepVid is the tool to solve how to download Instagram videos.

Q:Unable to download the video properly?

A:In most cases, you can download a video immediately after choosing a format and resolution for download. But sometimes, you may find something different. For example, a new window would pop up immediately after you click a resolution. In this case, just click the three dots to download the video directly. Sometimes you may find the new window is blocked by your browser. If you want to continue, please allow it to open. We guarantee that KeepVid is totally reliable in solving how to download videos off Instagram.

Q:How many files can I download at the same time?

A:We know that some of you may want to use KeepVid to download many videos at a time, but sorry to say that we only support you to download one video each time as an online video downloader. If you really want to do that, you have to open a couple of our pages simultaneously to meet your demand. It is worth mentioning that we will launch new products to meet this kind of needs in the near future.

Q:Unable to play the download file?

A:Since KeepVid supports you to download videos to MP3 and MP4, if you use an all-purpose player in your computer or the default player in your system, you surely do not need to worry about this problem. If you still cannot play the saved files after you download videos off Instagram, you’d better go to check your player and the file format. Maybe something wrong goes with them.

Q:When I convert YouTube videos to MP3, do they lose any sound quality?

A:We know that sound quality is your most concern when you convert YouTube videos to MP3, especially for those music buffs. So we also take this as one of our priorities to satisfy our users. We are proud to say that we have maximally reduced sound quality damage when you download videos off Instagram.


Nowadays, videos are considered as an essential part of everyday life. As for those stuck in browsing videos on the internet, waiting for constant buffering between a video could not be more annoying. Therefore, many people would like to save videos for smooth and comfortable watching later. It is probably the most reliable and effective method for you to download videos out of many websites with KeepVid. Before you download videos off Instagram, please make sure that the videos you want to download are not under copyright or your download is not for a commercial purpose. Then you can save videos to your device through this online tool without any plugins and ads. The whole download process just takes you a matter of seconds with only one-click.

The team with more than 100 experts in the technical field has always been committed to the multimedia area since its establishment. Everyone in this team is trying to provide the best service for users to download videos off Instagram. After more than a decade of unremitting efforts, we have been able to meet many of the needs of our users and provide excellent service. And we will do more in the future.