Paramount Plus has been a popular place to watch shows now, it also proved itself as a pretty cool service due to all the featured content and all the coming interesting titles. If you want to learn how to download Paramount Plus shows offline, including TV shows and movies, let’s dive in now.

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First You Need to Make Paramount Plus Downloads Settings Right!

One way to download the Paramount Plus shows is through the official app. Before we even dive deeper into how to download Paramount Plus shows offline, we should discuss the settings regarding these downloads. Yes, you can make a few adjustments.

Steps to download Paramount Plus on your phone:

·           First, start the Paramount Plus app on your mobile phone.

·           Tap the “More” button at the bottom right corner

Plus Downloads

·           From the menu that pops up, go to “Settings.”

  • Here you can also choose the video quality of your downloads between high definition and standard definition, here is the difference between them:


    • High Definition: naturally it will cost more data and more storage space.

    • Standard Definition: certainly entails less data, will download faster, and will occupy less storage space.

Note: you can decide whether you’d like to download only with wifi or with your only mobile data.

How to Download TV Shows and Movies on Paramount Plus

Now that we have all those necessary settings made right, it’s time we dove into how you can download content on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

How Many Titles You Can Download at a Go on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus currently allows users to download up to 25 shows per device if you have enough space for it.

How Long will the Paramount Plus downloads Expire?

The downloads expire in 30 days if you don’t watch them.

Autodelete feature: once this feature is on in the Settings, they’ll be gone as soon as you watch them, certainly it will save your storage, however, you should also be careful with it.

Plus downloads Expire

What are the Specific Steps to Download Paramount Plus Shows?

Step 1: Launch Paramount Plus on your device. Look up the show or video you want to watch.

Step 2: If the content is available for download, you’ll see a circle with an arrow pointing downwards near it.

Specific Steps to Download Paramount Plus

Step 3: Tap the arrow button and wait as a blue circle indicates progress.

If you want to stop the download, you can tap on the square that has replaced the downward arrow.


  1. In the process of downloading, you can navigate the app, but you cannot shut down the app or even minimize it.

  2. You can also set whether you’d like to get a notification when the process is finished

  3. A checkmark will appear near the content that has completed the download.


How to Play Paramount Plus Content Offline?

Now that you’ve downloaded a series of videos, it’s time you also played those videos. Thankfully, the whole process is super simple, and you can do this offline, no matter where you are.

Besides, as the downloads limit is up to 25 videos, you can easily go to your vacation off the grid.

Plus Content Offline

Here is how you can watch Paramount Plus Downloads Offline:

Step 1: Launch the Paramount Plus app on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2: Tap the “More” button in the bar on the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Go to the “Downloads” section, you’ll find it in the upper area of the screen.

Step 4: Here you'll see all the downloads you saved with the expiration countdown and the TV rating.

TV rating

  • Tap the play button on the video you want to watch, and enjoy it!

  • If the autodelete feature has been enabled, the video will be deleted from your device once you finish the playback. Otherwise, it will continue to be available to stream until the expiration date comes.

  • Keep in mind that if you want to delete all your downloads, you can do that in bulk by accessing the appropriate feature from the Settings area.

Settings area

There you have it! Now you know how to fiddle with the download settings on your app, how to choose the right resolution for your device, how to download the videos, and how to play them. You’re all caught up on the details, so go enjoy this Paramount Plus feature.

How Can you Download Paramount Plus Downloads Outside the Official App?

The answer is simple: through a third-party tool like KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader.

KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader

As you can see, KeepStream offers a service of downloading streaming services videos offline, including Paramount Plus. Then what’s the difference between using KeepStream and using the official app?

The difference lies in the download limit and downloading speed.


  1. Official App Paramount Plus downloads: where you can download only 25 videos to the most, there is always an upper limit and the speed cap as well. And the video you saved will expire soon.


  1. Download through KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader: you can download as much as videos and movies with KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader offline, without any limitation and the video you saved won’t expire after your watch and 30 days. You are also free to transfer the downloads to your mobile phone, table to watch off the grid.

How to Download Paramount Plus Movies, TV Shows Offline with KeepStream?

Step 1 – Download and Install KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader

You can download the KeepStream Paramount Plus downloader from here.

Pick the option for Streaming Services. You will get access to the services you want to download from.

Streaming Services

Step 2 – Click on Paramount Plus from within the built-in browser.

Click on the Paramount Plus service and open it within the software. Move to any video that you want to download and begin playing the video. You’d notice there would appear a “Ready to Download” button on the screen.

Paramount Plus

Step 3 – Download your video

Click on Ready to Download to select for audio and subtitles. Once you configure your preferences, click on Download Now.

Download your video

That does it. Your video will be downloaded in the appropriate folder on your device and you will be able to watch the downloaded content anytime you want to. You will also be able to share them with other devices or users.

What are Other Features of KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader

Remove Ads with Limited Commercials Plan

The most annoying thing people hate about streaming videos is the ads. But don't worry. KeepStream Paramount Plus downloader can remove all the ads for you, even if you're with the Ad-supported Limited Commercials plan.

Save Subtitles as SRT Files or Remux into Video

Besides downloading multiple subtitles of different languages, KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader also allows you to make your own choice as for how you would like to process the subtitles, according to your specific needs.

SRT Files or Remux into Video

Batch Mode and Fast Speed

When downloading TV episodes, the Batch mode of KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader allows you to choose all the episodes in that season, or even the entire seasons to download.

KeepStream Paramount Plus Downloader

Support Other Popular Streaming Services as well

Apart from Netflix, MyStream does support a wide range of video streaming services. You can get access to support for Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney +, and a decent number of other web-based features.

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