Discovery Plus is an American on-demand streaming service where you can watch tens of thousands of titles and popular TV shows. The service is owned by Discovery Inc., the parent company of the Discovery family of networks.

As with premium streaming services, you need to have an active subscription before you can access any title from Discovery Plus libraries. There are hundreds of thousands of movies and shows on Discovery Plus, which you may find interesting and want to download. This article details everything about the Discovery Plus streaming service and downloading videos from the platform using KeepStream Downloader.

Can I Download Discovery Plus Shows To Watch When I Am Not Connected To The Internet?

Definitely, in one of your days of surfing the Discovery+ libraries, you'd stumble on movies that you would want to watch over and again, even when you're offline. But sadly, Discovery Plus currently does not support "Offline Videos." This implies that you cannot save the videos on Discovery+ for offline viewing; you must be connected to the internet to stream any content from the service.

Maybe this is because the service is yet new - other alternative streaming services support downloading videos for offline streaming. It's not a big deal anyway. There's a way to get around this.

Notwithstanding, you can stream on Discovery Plus via a mobile network. But if you want the best experience, you need to use a WiFi connection. Well, suppose you find a movie you'd love to download on Discovery Plus. In that case, you can grab the video using professional Discovery Plus downloader software. 

How to download Discovery Plus with KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader?

Okay, since it's possible to download videos from Discovery Plus using the KeepStream software, what are the steps to do that?

First Step:

Firstly, you need to install the software on your computer system. After the installation, launch the app and click on the Discovery Plus card to sign in to your Discovery+ account.

Second Step:

After successfully logging in to your Discovery Plus account, search for the movie you want to download and start playing it. A download prompt would pop up, select "Add to queue" or "Download Now."

Third Step:

You can add multiple videos to your "Download Queue," and they'd download simultaneously. All you need is to search the videos and play them one after another - for each, as the download prompt appears, click on "Download Now."

Download Discovery Plus Shows with KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader

Yes, the KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader is an ideal software app you can trust to help you grab movies and TV shows from the Discovery+ streaming service. This downloader software is feature-rich and easy to use. It is very fast in processing the videos to be downloaded. It works for downloading content from various streaming services, not just Discovery+. 
More so, if you're an essential subscriber (you're subscribed to the $4.99 plan, which supports commercials), using the KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader would remove ads from your movies. You'd be able to watch them with zero ads! Below are the main features of this software.

Features of KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader

1. Download Discovery+ Videos from All Available Sites 

Discovery Plus was first launched in India, but currently, the service is available in the United States, Netherlands, and some other countries. Interestingly, KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader supports all the regional sites, so nothing to worry about.

2. Real-life Videos in 1080p Full HD

According to Discovery Plus, there are currently over 55,000 videos available from its library. This software app can download any movie or episode found on the Discovery+ network.

3. Save Videos to MP4 Files to Play on Any Device 

MP4 is a widely-supported video format, playable on any device. KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader saves your movies from Discovery+ in MP4 format so you can play them back on any device, both mobile and computers.

4. Get Rid of Ads with Basic Discovery+ Plan 

If you're an essential plan subscriber, this software app will turn you into a premium subscriber because it'd strip all the ads in the movies as it downloads them in MP4 format. 

5. Download Episodes in Batch Mode and Fast Speed 

Thanks to "Batch Mode" support, you can download multiple videos from Discovery Plus as at a go using this software. Also, the Fast Speed feature helps to boost the download speed so your videos download very fast.

6. Save Subtitles Separately or Into the Video(s)

Furthermore, this downloader would save the subtitles into the videos as a Remux file or SRT for videos that have subtitles. 

Why Choose KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader?

The features of this software app are very much flexible and easy to explore. More so, it is fast and can download up to 20 Discovery Plus videos at a stretch. KeepStream Discovery Plus Downloader goes on to feature an intuitive user interface that anyone can easily understand. It is an ideal solution for grabbing the real-life videos and originals available on the Discovery+ streaming network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got questions about downloading content from Discovery Plus? Here are some common questions and answers regarding the service.

1. What channels are on Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus mainly gets its content from Discovery Inc.-owned networks, including HGTV, TLC, Cooking Channel, Food Network, ID, OWN, Trvl Channel, Animal Planet, DIY Network, The Dodo, and Science Channel. 

2. Is Discovery Plus free?

No, the service is not free. However, new subscribers are welcomed with a limited free trial. At the end of the free trial, you'd be automatically subscribed to the plan you chose at sign-up - either the $5 program or the $7 project.

3. How much is Discovery Plus?

There are just two plans available, the $5 basic plan (with ads) and the premium $7 plan (ad-free). You may get further discounts when you register with a TV provider.

4. How do I get Discovery Plus on my TV?

Discovery Plus is available on many streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, and Apple TV. If you're using a mobile phone, install the Discovery+ app for your device (iOS or Android).